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Don’t miss the opportunity to get category A driving license this summer!

Theory course in a driving school: 190 €
(payment upon registration).

Driving: 10 lessons for 35 €

Total: 540 €

Instructor phone number +372 5663 6640

a category
Driving school “Drive” provides a flexible opportunity to learn how to drive motorcycles (A category).
Motorcycle equipment is included in the price.

Category A (motocycle license)

Are you a category B license holder and are over 24 years old? Then you can obtain a driver’s license with category A with the right to drive a motorcycle (engine power – from 50 kW).

Category A2

With an A2 license, you can drive a motorcycle with an engine power of up to 35 kW. To obtain them, at the age of 17.5 you can start attending our courses (having a primary driver’s license is not necessary) and at 18 you can become a driver’s license owner.

Category A1

You can start studying for category A1 at the age of 15 and a half in order to get your license at 16. The motorcycle engine capacity is up to 125 cm3 inclusive and the power does not exceed 11 kW.

Training takes place on motorcycles:

Kawasaki Z 650 – 2024
Kawasaki Z 650 – 2023
Kawasaki Z 400 – 2020
Honda CB125R – 2019

The convenient location of the driving school, the preparation of an individual training schedule, well-equipped classes, and the reasonable cost of courses make training at the Drive driving school comfortable, and the long-term combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience of our instructors guarantees its quality. Training here will introduce you to the nuances of competent driving – the key to safety in any, including unpredictable, road situations.

Cat. Engine capacity Engine power Age to start training Age to obtain a license
AM does not exceed 50 cm3 does not exceed 45 km/h 14 14
A1 125 cm3 11 kW 15,5 16
A2 400 cm3 25 kW < 35 kW 17,5 18
A 600 cm3 50 kW 24 24

Exercises for category A on the training ground (PDF)

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