Driving license

«Drive» is a professional driving school offering quality instruction. Driving license gives an unlimited freedom of movement, saves your time and gives you opportunity to enjoy life. Driving license makes your CV more competitive and broadens your employment prospects.

Driving license – is an official document that will be needed always. The main thing – the right approach to the choice of driving schools.

The Drive driving school will help you get your license in Tallinn, where experienced instructors have all the skills to prepare the future driver well and really teach him how to drive a car.

Driving license

Conditions of receiving and periods of validity of the driving license

After theory and practice tests you will become an owner of primary driver’s license (for 2 years). After 2 years it is necessary to pass additional driving lessons on the slippery road (winter driving).

Passing the exam have to be Estonian citizen or to have constant or temporary residence permit.

After obtaining the driver’s license it is valid for 10 years.

Driving license of B category vehicles with the limited right of driving is valid until the individual is under 18 years old. Otherwise, is required to pass theory and driving tests in Transport Administration.

Driving license – what categories can be obtained at the Drive driving school:

Category B: Category B driving licenses are among the most common and are usually issued to drive passenger cars. A driver in this category can drive passenger cars with a limited weight and number of seats.

Category A: Category A driving license is for motorcycles. It allows the driver to operate motorcycles of different power depending on the category. Motorcycle categories may vary depending on engine size and power.

Driving license categories are a system that is important from a road safety point of view. Different vehicles require different skills and the holder of each category of driving license must be trained and competent to drive the relevant vehicle.

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