B category

Driving school «Drive» prepares drivers for the B category driving license. You can begin the class as early as age 15,5.

Limited rights driving licence for driving a category B motor vehicle is issued until the driving licence holder turns 18.

Category B driving license


B category allows to drive vehicles up to 3,500kg with up to 7 passenger seats.
Motor vehicles in this category may be combined with a trailer having a maximum authorised mass which does not exceed 750 kg.

B category driving license – training

The basic training for category “B” consists of the complete theory course of 25 lessons and 28 lessons of practice driving (1 lesson is 45 minutes). The lessons of theory and practice are alternate. The practice of driving begins a week after the start of the theory course. Minimum courses time is 6 weeks.

When you begin to study in driving school, the student is issued a training card, which is a document on the driving of a motor vehicle at the time of study.
After completing the theory course students must pass the exam of 60 questions on knowledge of traffic rules – the maximum number of errors is 6.

Also, in our driving school, you can get a license with a limited driving license of category “B” for persons aged 16 to 18 years.

The first stage
The first stage consists of 25 hours of theory lessons (once a week) and at least 28 practical driving lessons.

Driving practice begins after the start of theory lessons (1 week later).

Before starting the lessons of practical driving student is given a training card, where a driving instructor notes the date and number of driving lessons.

Training card is a document confirming the right of the student to drive the car during the training ride. Card can be duplicated (in case of loss) – 10 €.

After the theory lessons student passes theory and driving tests. Before passing the exams student has to pass a 16-hour first aid course and get a certificate of participation in the course of medical care.

Passing theory test student has to answer 60 questions, the maximum number of errors is 6.

the theory positive exam result expires, if during 1 year period student has not been successfully passed the driving test.

The second stage - Winter driving
This course is necessary to pass for those who already have a primary driving license and is going to exchange them for a permanent driving license. Theory lessons (4 x 45 min), and 3 driving lessons on a special surface. More “Winter Driving”

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