Driving schools

There are more than 100 driving schools in Tallinn. How good you will operate the vehicle depends on your choice of driving school.

Driving schools in Tallinn

The choice of driving schools in Tallinn is varied and meets different needs and preferences. There are traditional driving schools that offer theoretical instruction and practical driving instruction under the guidance of experienced instructors. There are also modern online schools that allow students to learn at their own pace and from the comfort of their home.

Our driving schools are tried-and-true. We deliver great value for our customers and offer lessons with professional and skilled instructors whose mission is to teach you to safe driving skills.

driving schools

We offer you to choose the suitable place of theory lessons and driving practice.

We have driving schools in three parts of Tallinn.

The first is placed in the city centre (Estonia puiestee 3), the second is placed in Mustamäe (Mustamäe tee 4) and the third place in Lasnamäe (Virbi 8). Classes start according to the schedule and need online registration, which is available on this page.

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