Night driving training

Night driving training is part of the basic category B driving school program. The training covers several important aspects that will help drivers drive in the dark and in changeable weather, ensuring their own safety and the safety of other road users.

At night, the driver must be aware of potential dangers and be prepared for them. Dark time training helps improve awareness and skills to avoid accidents and maintain safety.


Vision and Lighting: Teaches how lighting affects vision and how to choose the right type of lighting for based on road conditions. Drivers are explained how various light sources (for example, street lighting, oncoming cars) can affect their vision and how to behave in such situations


Safe driving: Learn to adjust your speed according to road conditions, especially in poor visibility conditions. Particular attention is paid to distance and ways to prevent unforeseen situations that may arise when driving in the dark.


Possible dangerous situations: Various dangerous situations that a driver may encounter at night are discussed, such as the appearance of animals on the road, slippery road surfaces in rainy or frosty weather, poor road lighting and other similar situations. Learn how to anticipate these situations and respond to them safely.

night driving

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night driving training