Slippery driving

The DRIVE driving school provides everyone with the opportunity to take a slippery driving course. Slippery driving as a part of final stage of training in a driving school is mandatory and necessary to get the primary category B license.
Slippery driving
Slippery driving is radically different from usual driving. And this is quite understandable – snow drifts, slippery roads, frost, limited visibility and other nuances of winter time impose a significant number of restrictions on the driver.

The goal of Slippery driving training is to increase the control skills of the driver creating a safer car ride.

Slippery driving training consists of two parts: theory and practice. The practical lesson takes place on a specially equipped race track. The driving school provides the opportunity to take Slippery Driving courses in Tallinn, regardless of the time of year, on a site with a special coating that simulates a slippery road.

During theory lessons you will learn about the basic principles of driving in winter, the rules of operating and caring for a car, the rules of overtaking on a snowy road, the features of choosing the right distance, changing lanes and braking on a slippery road. Completing this stage of training will give you the necessary knowledge and skills in practical lessons that will help you avoid panic and reflexively, automatically apply the correct techniques to stabilize the car in a critical situation.

During the lessons, emergency braking techniques on a slippery road are practiced, taking into account the characteristics of electronic systems and the road situation, competent steering techniques, safe cornering, skidding, drift, rotation – the feeling of loss of control and prevention techniques.

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