Winter driving

Second stage – “Winter Driving”

The goal of “Winter Driving” training is to increase the control skills of the driver creating a safer car ride.

This course is necessary to pass those who already have a primary driving license and going after two years to exchange them for a permanent driver’s license (an obligatory condition to change driving license). There are 4 lessons of theory (4 x 45 min), and 3 driving lesson on a special place. Under certain conditions, it is possible to take courses, regardless of the time of year (used playground with a special coating).

“Winter Driving” training is completed at the slippery surface, which enables the participants to train critical thinking in potential hazardous situations with a slow speed and therefore safe for the drivers and vehicles.

“Winter Driving” does not teach you rally driving techniques, but it gives you theoretical knowledge and practical skills drive confidently.

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